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Power head

The hydraulic twin power head of kong shan


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Kong shan autonomous development and Production has a national patent certificate.

Used in drilling operations, applicable to all kinds of rocks in quarry, limestone mines, and open-air mining foundation excavation, construction, water conservancy, power plant, construction, transportation, and national defense construction, and other projects such as drilling in the drilling applications.

Applicable drill pipe specification: 89 * 3000 23/8 "API
Effective borehole diameter: 89-280.
Applicable impact device specification: 115, 140, 160
Technical parameters
The impact of power
20 kw
(impact part)
Shock pressure
120-140 bar
Hydraulic fluid flow
The 120-140 L/min
(rotating part)
N. m. 3400-3400
0 to 70 RPM (3400 n · m)
0 to 35 RPM (6800 n · m)
Hydraulic fluid flow
40-82 L/min
The 200-300 L/min
The brazing rod lubricates the flow of gas
Flushing gas pressure
5-8 bar
Flushing gas flow
6000 L/min




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